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'Aspects of Manx Life' Quilt
This quilt was made in 1991 to celebrate Mannin Quilters first year as a quilting group (the first on the Isle of Man). 
First and foremost, the Legs of Man, the Triskelia, are central.
Then, just as the Americans changed the names of blocks to suit each state, so we have changed the names to suit our Island's specialities.
Aeroplanes become Ronaldsway Airport.
Courthouse Steps become Tynwald Hill
(our historic place of government)
Trees become our plantations
Wheel of Fortune becomes Laxey Wheel
(the biggest working water wheel in the world)
T.T. block and Storm at Sea need no alteration.
Ohio Star for the many Manx settlers
who emmigrated to America and all over the world.
In applique we have Manx kippers and Manx Sheerwaters, together with surfing at Gansey Bay and sailing.
The Quilt shows many more Manx specialities:- TT riders in their leathers, our tailless Manx cats, the fuschias that hedge our roadsides, our four horned Loughtan sheep, and finally, in deference to our history, Viking longships, Celtic chain, and Celtic knots.
Detail from the quilt