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Challenge Quilts
Mannin Quilters have have created their own challenge. Each challenge lasts for three months, hence the title 'Quilt Quarters'. There have been various subjects each lasting 3 months and culminating an a "Show and Tell".
If you have missed out on any of the subjects that have been tackled by the group it is never too late to have a go and everyone would be delighted to see your work at any time. 
The rules for a challenge are very simple:
  1. This is a challenge, not a competition, so although we will be working on our own individual pieces, there is no reason why we should not communicate with each other as we work !
  2. Working to a given title or theme, produce an A3 size quilt which may be displayed in either landscape or portrait format.
  3. Quilts should normally be produced within three months.
At the 2009 Loch Lomond Quilt Show, there was a selection of small quilts exhibited by a group of 6 quilters who took part in a monthly challenge, working to a chosen theme and producing individual pieces of work.  The resulting quilts were beautiful and inspirational and looked stunning when displayed together.


The challenge began at the start of 2011 and some of the completed challenge quilts are pictured below, grouped by title.  Click on a picture to view a larger image.



 Art Nouveau

 Patterns in Nature  Celtic Connections  Celtic Connections Quarters   Quarters