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Grandmothers Garden Quilt

pieced by Mary Cook and members of Mannin Quilters


This small quilt has been pieced using ¾" hexagons.  It was finished using the "bagging" method (i.e. both top and backing sewn right sides together and then turned right side out) and hand quilted.


This method of piecing is known as English Patchwork to distinguish it from the American preference for piecing using a running stitch and without paper templates.


English piecing requires two templates, one to cut the paper pieces and then a slightly larger one to cut the fabric.  These were cut to order by the tinsmith or ironmonger.  Our quilt was pieced using pre cut papers.


Papers were cut from old letters, exercise books or pieces of card and material is then cut and basted over the paper.  The individual shapes are then over sewn accurately from point to point.


English patchwork although fussy and time consuming does give accurate results and this was particularly apparent in the complicated patterns favourd by the Victorians where patches were often less than 1".


All tessellating mosaic patterns can be pieced in this way.  The two best known are Tumbling or Baby Blocks using a 60º diamond and Grandmothers Garden using hexagons.