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Manx Landscape

pieced and quilted by Angie Lawrence


This landscape depicts a scene that one can find all over the Isle of Man.  It has been appliquéd largely by hand to a lightweight calico base fabric as follows:


Starting at the top the sky fabric was laid face up onto the backing fabric.  The “sea” was then placed face down (and upside down!), machine stitched (to ensure a straight horizon), flipped over and then pressed down.  Fabric for the hills was cut freehand and appliquéd by hand using the traditional needle turn method.  The house in the foreground was appliquéd in the same manner.  The border was created by using a large square of fabric, folding it into four and then cutting away the centre in a decorative curved pattern – in much the same way as we used to make paper dolls!  It was then appliquéd over the fabric picture using the needle turn method again.  The quilt was then quilted by hand along the lines of the various pieces of appliqué to give texture and depth to the picture.