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Suitcase Collection
Medallion Quilt
pieced by Rosemary Latimer and quilted by Angela Snell


Medallion Quilts are a way of setting off a precious piece of fabric or embroidery by framing within a series of plain or pieced borders.  The borders are often made of cheaper, utility fabrics, a way of using small scraps of fabric.  This was an early style of organised patchwork that was popular at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.


In this 24”x24” suitcase quilt the central floral fabric is from a World War I cigarette packet and was kindly donated by Monica Linck.  This piece of embroidery, with a spray of red and blue flowers, was worked on a rectangle of cream silk.  In order to achieve a square quilt it was necessary to mask the edges of the silk with a blue satin ribbon.  This ‘medallion’ was then appliqued on point (diagonally) onto a cream cotton square.  A series of borders made of triangles and diamonds were then added until the quilt measured the required size.  Rosemary machine quilted the piece - in the ditch - to hold the layers together.  Angela  then hand quilted the larger cream triangles.