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SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) Quilts


To celebrate 2000, one of Mannin Quilters suggested that we should make tiny quilts for the Neo - natal Unit at Nobles Hospital. The staff at the unit thought it was a good idea and so the members started sewing these little quilts which measure about 15" x 18". They are made in a wide variety of colours and designs and are a good excuse to try out different embroidery stitches.



All babies who are in the unit or across in a UK hospital, whether for a few hours or longer, have a quilt, chosen by their parents, on their incubator and then when it is time to go Home, they take the quilt with them. They brighten up the unit and are very popular with parents and staff - both here and in the UK, where staff are very envious!



Often when Mannin Quilters are demonstrating at different events over the summer, Mums come up and say how much they appreciate being able to take the quilts Home.  We make about 90 a year.


We were also asked to make a cover for the travelling incubator which goes in the helicopter or plane when babies are flown away to the UK. This helps the baby to feel secure during transfer by shutting out the lights and noise and also gives privacy to very ill babies. Once again the nursing staff are regularly asked where they can get a cover like it!  

In June 2015 Chris Eastham , representing Mannin Quilters, was invited to attend the opening of the Neonatal Unit and was presented with a certificate in recognition of the support Mannin Quilters have given over the years. We hope to continue our supprt for many years to come and are very greatful to all those members who have made and donated these much treasured items.