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Sampler Quilt

made by Kath Wilson, Audrey Cooil, Annette Gillings,

 Joyce Kelly, and Pam Danher


A sampler quilt is made up of blocks of different designs.  They were a means of learning the different methods of piecing while at the same time producing a useable item.


The blocks in this sampler quilt are: Peony, Ohio Star, Grandmother's Fan, Dresden Plate, Kings Cross, Kansas Dugout, Rocky Mountain Puzzle, Dutchman's Puzzle, and Jacob's Ladder.


These blocks use the techniques of piecing squares, triangles and oblongs, together with the appliqué work of grandmother’s fan and Dresden plate.  The blocks in the first quilts that were made were 12 inches square, although today they can be of any size.  However, if working from today’s patterns the templates are more often than not sized to produce a 12-inch block.  They were joined together to create a balanced look using sashing, strips of material placed lengthways and width ways.  The blocks and sashing were then quilted as a means of holding the sandwich of blocks, filling and backing together.  In early quilts the “filling” that was used would often be an old wool blanket.  Nowadays, however, it is more usual to use a polyester or cotton wadding as the filling in the sandwich.