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Suitcase Collection
Textured Wallhangings

made by Chris Eastham and Nora Lean


This wallhanging for the suitcase collection is very tactile with its twists, tucks and pleats as demonstrated to Mannin Quilters by Jennie Rayment in her workshops.  Calico is the main fabric used along with highlights in coloured cotton.


The centre section is composed of trumpets and triangle cornets!  The trumpets are padded with lavender with red prairie points peeping out.  The triangle cornets can be manipulated in a variety of ways to give differing effects.  The outside of this section is tucked to provide a contrasting texture.


Around the outer edge there are 'Cathedral Windows' and 'Secret Garden' blocks, a Ruched and Beaded block, weaving (with a coloured insert), and Origami Twist, a tiered Fancy Fandango, an Eight Petal Flower, a Four Pointed Flower, a Puffball, a Tucked up Fan, a Textured Star and some Textured Triangles.  (Driven Dotty was tried but abandoned because it really was living up to its name!!)


Cathedral Windows and Secret Garden Blocks have the red fabric showing through.  The 'petal' shape is Secret Garden and the 'diamond' shape is Cathedral Window.  The ruched block is made from one piece of fabric with beads added for contrast and a plain border added.


The weaving is like any weaving but using padded strips of fabric instead of paper or willow.  The strips are spaced to show the red fabric behind.


The Origami Twist started life as one piece of fabric with smaller twist made for the centre.


Each layer of the Fancy Fandango is one piece of fabric.  Varying the size of the initial square of calico gives the tiered result.


The Eight Petal flower and Four Pointed flower blocks vary depending on how the shape was manipulated, twiddled and fiddled (very descriptive but untechnical terms).


Puffball is one piece of fabric folded, twisted and padded in places!


Tucked up Fan is just that - a fan with tucks on it and finished off with a tassel.  Textured Star took quite a bit manipulation to conform, but it did in the end - perseverance pays off!


The Textured Triangles are a technique devised by Janice Gunner (unkindly nicknamed Squashed Frogs by her students!).  You either get frogs or flowers depending on which way the pleat in the triangle is folded.


This form of fabric manipulation to create texture is relaxing, so have a go and see what you end up with - it can be addictive!!